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This week children will receive English and Maths homework.


The English homework will be a series of tasks relating to our work on relative clauses.  A relative clause is where additional information is added to a sentence:


The boy (who was nine years old) was chosen for the team.

People paint their houses white in southern Greece, where is it particularly hot.



Maths homework will relate to our work on negative numbers.  Children have had a choice of tasks to complete.  These are either numberlines or problem solving.  All children had the opportunity to choose their own homework in response to reflection on their work today.


All tasks can be found below.


Children should complete tasks on the sheets in their homework books, and return these by next Friday.  


Children should also be preparing for their personalised times tables test every Thursday.  Their star chart in their reading folder shows exactly which test they have chosen to take next week.  I aim to get TimesTables Rockstars up and running soon to support them to practise.