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Year 1

Welcome to the Class One page!


The Year 1 teachers are Miss Armstrong and Mrs Gillaspy



Teaching Arrangements

You will know that there are two teachers in year one, who share the class equally. Miss Armstrong is in the classroom the first half of the week ie. Monday morning through to Wednesday lunchtime. Mrs Gillaspy is in the classroom from Wednesday lunchtime through to Friday afternoon.  Either of us can respond to queries or concerns you may have regarding your child. 


Curriculum for this half term

  • In Maths we will cover concepts on money, odd and even numbers, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, adding 1 and 2 digit numbers and place value.  
  • In English we will be exploring rhyme, a non-fiction text and a story called 'Where the Wild Things are' to link in with our visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park.    
  •  In Science we will be learning about seasonal change and carrying out a number of investigations  to develop our skills in working scientifically.
  •  In Geography we will be exploring our local area.  
  • In R.E we will develop our understanding of Christianity and learn about the Jewish faith.
  • In P.E we will develop a range of skills around throwing and catching and developing bat and ball skills.
  • In Art we will explore the work of a number of well known artists.




Maths homework is primarily based online and through our Abacus Maths scheme. This may also be supplemented with other pieces of homework.


Reading books are changed as often as required, with the emphasis being placed on the children taking responsibility for indicating the need for new books.  Parents are encouraged to read with their child regularly and we operate a system whereby the children receive a ’stamp for four reads or more in a week’. We would appreciate your continued support with this and recommend that you spend some time at least four times a week reading with your child. Even a snatched five minutes is better than nothing! Please note each read in the Reading Record, even if this is only part of a book.  If you would like some guidance as to how to approach any aspect of your child’s homework or reading, please do not hesitate to ask.


Your child needs to bring their P.E kit to school at the beginning of the half term and it can remain in school until the end of the half term, when it will be sent home for washing. P.E is often on a Tuesday or Thursday, but this can be subject to change. Earrings should not be worn for P.E and plasters over them is not an accepted solution. Long hair must be tied back securely. A P.E kit list can be found in your child’s new School Planner, should you require a reminder.   


Please ensure that your child brings a clearly labelled water bottle to school at the beginning of the week. This ensures that they have access to a drink of water throughout the dayWe have a water only policy in the school, so please do not provide your child with juice or flavoured water.  The children can refill their bottle whenever necessary.


Could you please ensure that all of your child’s clothes are clearly labelled with their name as we are constantly finding items that cannot be returned to their owners.  Handwritten names fade, so please check that they can still be read after washing as the children often find it difficult to identify their own belongings.


Many thanks for your continued support and please contact us if you have any queries regarding this letter or any aspect of your child’s school life.








Learning words in Year 1


Throughout Reception and Year 1 the children have lists of words that they are required to learn to read and spell.    These words are learnt in Phases, with Phases 2, 3 and 4 being covered in Reception and Phase 5 in Year 1.  Some of these words are based around the Phonics that the children learn and are called decodable words.  Also contained in these Phases are more complex words called Tricky words which are not decodable and need to be sight read.  By the end of Year 1, we aim that all children are confidently reading and spelling all the words in all of the Phases.  Your child will bring home words to practise throughout the year but you can help your child by looking at all of the words and encouraging them to read and spell them.  The documents below show you the words contained in each Phase.

In addition to the words covered in the Phases listed above, children in Years 1 and 2 have an additional list of words to read and spell called Common Exception Words.  Many of these words are replicated in the Phases, with a few extra tricky ones thrown in!  At points throughout the year, your child may be given spellings to learn at home from this list.  You can help your child by practising any words sent home and by looking at the full list below.

24th February 2017- A story session with Gareth Baker, author

24th February 2017- A story session with Gareth Baker, author 1

Our visit to Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham Monday 6th February