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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4's Page!

Our teacher is Miss Towlson


Our Classroom

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Cake Crime in Class Four!

Cake Crime in Class Four! 1
It has been an eventful day here in Class Four! We arrived to school this morning to find that our classroom had become a crime scene!! Class Four's prize chocolate cake had been stolen and a revenge note had been left! We were determined to find our who took it! We used the evidence  to make inferences about what might have happened and then devised questions for each of our key suspects. In the afternoon, we became scientists and did some forensic testing to test the ink of the pens from each suspect - this helped us to finally solve the mystery of who wrote the revenge note! Want to know who the culprit was? Ask us all about it or look out for our WANTED posters around school! Trial and punishment still to come...! 

Galleries of Justice

At the start of the Summer term, we started our Crime and Punishment topic off with a fantastic trip to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. We had lots of fun learning all about law and order in the Victorian times - although some of it was a bit gruesome! In the morning, we explored the old prison and investigated a gory murder! We had to collect clues to try to figure out 'who dun it'!  The fun continued in the afternoon, where we acted out a Victorian trial in the court rooms. We had to decide if the young Isabella Makin was guilty of theft. Ask us all about it - did we find her guilty or not?! 


World Book Day 2018

Something Fishy!

To celebrate World Book Day, Class 4 spent the week creating their own book! We were inspired by a short video called 'Something Fishy' (follow the link below to watch the video). Our fantastic writing is now on display in the school corridors - Please come and check it out! Below is a taster to spark your interest!
Picture 1
Picture 2

Fun with Fractions

Year 4 have been learning about fractions this half term. Today we did some brilliant problem solving with our partners to find equivalent fractions. We were able to use bar models to show what the equivalent fractions look like and prove we were correct. 

Local Area Homework Projects

This term's creative homework was to create a model or poster of a famous Nottingham landmark to link in with our

topic work about our local area. I was once again blown away by the quality and effort that was put into all of your

fantastic creations! EXCELLENT WORK Class 4 smiley


This week at Trowell has been Internet Safety Week. Throughout the week, we have taken part in lots of activities to help us learn about how to stay safe online. In year 4, we use the internet in lots of different ways every day - for gaming, communicating with friends and watching youtube videos. We learned about the 'SMART' rules that we can follow to help us avoid problems online. We also know what to do if we do see or hear something we don't like. Many of our favourite games like Minecraft and Roblox have places to report problems and filters in place to keep younger players safe. Please see the links below for further information about the safety features of these games. 

Picture 1

Graffiti Maths!

This week we really enjoyed taking part in a graffiti maths lesson! Instead of working in our books, we covered the tables in paper and did all of our work straight onto the tables! This was a great way to investigate different problems and practise our skill of using a formal written method for multiplication. We joined up with partners to see if they had solved their problem in the same way and did lots of reasoning and explaining about what we noticed.


Learning about Other Religions

This half term we have been learning about Islam in RE. In January, we were joined by Mr Saddique (Ali's Dad!), who came to answer lots of our questions about Islam and explain to us what Muslims believe. We had  a great afternoon and learned lots of new facts. We were surprised to find out that there are a lot of similarities between Islam and Christianity. Can you remember an interesting fact to tell your friends or family? 


Spring Term Update


Curriculum Coverage

English – We have been learning about the history of Nottingham throughout the ages and have written a range of play scripts, diary entries and letters comparing life in medieval Nottingham, Victorian Nottingham and Future Nottingham. We have worked hard on using and applying spelling rules to make accurate spelling choices.

We have been using the 

Maths – Within Maths we have been looking closely at multiplication and division and learning to use formal written methods for each. Please continue to practise your times tables on Rockstars to increase your confidence in these.

Science – Science is very exciting in Year 4. We have been focusing on states of matter and learning about solids, liquids and gases.

RE – Within R.E we have learned all about Islam and were joined by Mr Saddique who answered lots of our questions about the religion.

ICT – This half term we have been focussing on e-safety and have learned all about how to be SMART and stay safe online.  

Our World- Our Autumn term topic was local history. We have learned all about the history of Nottingham and Trowell and made some interesting information full of the facts we have discovered. We will also be mapping the village of Trowell and writing directions using the 8 compass directions.  


Looking back at the Autumn Term

Our Autumn term was full of lots of exciting learning opportunities. By now I am sure you have heard of the Trowell Alien Invasion! In November, we arrived at school to find lots of interesting evidence around school - puddles of slime, gloopy, four-fingered hand prints on the window and even a crop circle on the school field! We called in 'Paranormal Investigator', Adam Pepper, to help us investigate this strange phenomenon and to film events as they unfolded! 

We had a fantastic few weeks learning all about aliens and other planets and were inspired to do some fantastic writing about the events. Look at the awesome work and art on our classroom display: 

Picture 1

Homework Projects

Class 4 created some amazing homework projects this term including their own Viking and Anglo Saxon shields, and models of Viking longboats. Thank for all the help, support and creativity from families!

Anglo Saxon Adventures!

This week we had a visit from an Anglo Saxon! He bought lots of interesting artefacts for us to see and hold and we even got chance to try some of them on! Throughout the morning, we learned a lot about how the Saxons arrived in Britain and what everyday life was like for them. We also learned lots of battle skills and had a go at recreating the Battle of Hastings!

In the afternoon, we became potters. We know that Anglo Saxons made their own bowls, plates and jugs from pottery so we had a go at creating our own, making sure they were beautifully detailed and decorated. Have a look at the photos below to see what a fantastic day we had and don't forget to ask us lots of questions! What interesting facts can we remember? 



This week Year 4 enjoyed a whole afternoon of 'Bikeability'. We learned how to check that our bikes were safe and roadworthy and had a great time practising and improving our cycling skills. We demonstrated lots of our Trowell Values by showing resilience and perseverance even when we found it tricky! 

Class 4 Portraits

Check our our brilliant portraits! You can see these on display around the corridors of school - feel free to pop in and have a look!

Key Information

Welcome back to a new year at Trowell C of E! I am really looking forward to an exciting year and have lots of brilliant lessons and topics lined up. We hope to keep you informed of all the fantastic learning we are doing on our class webpage so please do check back regularly to stay updated.


Below I have included some key information about the weekly routines and expectations in Year 4. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and talk to me personally :)

PE and Swimming

Outdoor games will take place on Wednesday afternoons. 
Children will need trainers, a dark coloured tracksuit and a warm top as the winter months creep in.  However, we expect children to bring their kit in on a Monday and leave it school until Friday as outdoor games can change due to weather or changes to timetables.

Indoor PE will take place of Thursday afternoons
Children will need dark shorts, white t- shirt and indoor plimsolls.


Children must ensure they have the correct kit in school for them to participate in these lessons. Please ensure that earrings are removed on PE days.


Year 4 will be swimming in the Summer Term


Homework will be given out each Friday, with the expectation that it is completed and returned to school by the following week. Homework will consist of a Maths and English challenge, alongside children’s weekly spellings. Occasionally online tasks will be set to complete, either on Abacus or Times Table Rockstars. You will find children’s logins for each of these websites in their school diaries and the links at the bottom of this page.


In addition to weekly homework tasks, I will aim to set a half termly ‘Family Homework Project’. This project will be an optional activity, building on what children are learning about in their ‘Our World’ lessons. The aim is to encourage creativity and enthusiasm about our Topic work, and participation from the whole family is welcome! This half term’s topic is ‘Anglo-Saxons and Vikings’, so keep your eyes peeled for the project brief over the coming weeks!


I have asked the children to select two books that they are interested in reading. These books are colour banded books to ensure that they are working towards consolidating their reading skills. It is the responsibility of the children to ensure they are changing their books each morning as necessary. We expect the children to complete four reads a week and for this to be written within their planners and signed off. This can be any form of reading from sharing a newspaper to reading a chapter of a book. I will reward the children weekly when they have achieved this fantastic goal.

Curriculum coverage this term:

English – This term we will be focusing on writing descriptive stories, using lots of imaginative vocabulary. We will be reading 'The Lost Happy Endings' by Carol Ann Duffy. We will continue to work on the Year 3/4 spellings throughout the term.

Maths – In Maths we will be looking at place value within 4 digit numbers and will be using formal written methods for each of the 4 operations. In addition to this, we will learn to measure length and perimeter.

Science – Science is very exciting in Year 4. We are focusing on teeth, digestion and food chains to begin with. Our focus then moves to electricity, sound and properties of materials.

RE – Within R.E we are focusing on parables, signs and symbols this term.

ICT – This half term we will be learning about coding and programming, as well as creating our own photo stories on Movie Maker.

Our World- This term our topic is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We will be learning lots of interesting facts and hope to enjoy a dress up day towards the end of the Autumn term! Details to follow.