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Year 5

Welcome to the Class five page.

The year five teachers are Mrs Beal and Mrs Major. 

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Year 5 Autumn Newsletter



September 2017



Dear Parents/Carers


I hope you have all had a good holiday, and are looking forward to a rest now we are back at school!  Here are a few details about the plans for Year 5 this term:


Ancient Greeks Workshop.

Pupils will be studying the Ancient Greeks this term.  I have planned what I hope will be a really exciting project, covering many different areas of the curriculum, in order that children see the connections between subject areas, and learning is fun and creative.  I have arranged a whole day workshop in school for Tuesday 14th November. This will be run by outside providers who specialise in workshops that bring history to life. There will be a charge for this, but, having it in school eliminates the extra cost of a bus. I thought it might be helpful to give you plenty of notice that the children will be invited to dress as Ancient Greeks on that day. Further details to follow. 


PE and Games

PE and games will be on Fridays.

Children will need indoor and outdoor kit to allow for all weathers.

It is very important that all pupils take part in lessons, and attend with correct kit.

 Please encourage your child to take responsibility for making sure it is in school on the right day.  We will no longer allow children to phone home if they have forgotten their kit – they will have to use spare kit.  If there is a medical reason why your child should not do PE please send a note. 


English homework will usually be set on Wednesdays, to be handed in by the following Wednesday morning.  Maths homework will be given on Friday to be handed in the following Friday. The Maths homework will often be an Abacus online activity to support our work in class. I have encouraged the children not to leave the homework to the last minute. Therefore, if they have problems with the Abacus work, we can try to put it right or I can give them a written worksheet to do as an alternative.


 Occasionally there will be other homework tasks set which will support the work done in class.  Homework should take no longer than half an hour – on other nights children are expected to spend that amount of time reading.


Reading books and planners

Even if your child is a fluent reader, your support in making sure that they read at home is invaluable.  Please read the notes for parents when your child brings their new planner home. The children will earn a house point if they have done at least four reads a week. To earn the point, the reads need to be done on four separate days and to an adult. Also, please ensure that your child’s planner is signed at the weekend.


Need to speak to a member of staff?  

If you have any queries about this, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you do need to speak to me, please report to reception first and someone will come to find me. If you do need to have a quick chat at the start of the school day, please try to come to reception before 8.45 as I need to be available to see the children in from 8.55am. Alternatively, you may feel it is more appropriate to arrange an appointment at a time that is mutually convenient.


 I look forward to seeing you at our ‘Meet the Teacher’ session on Wednesday 13th September and parent consultation meetings in October.


Yours sincerely,



Mrs MP Beal


Maths Game to try at home.

Try this exciting game to help you with your number work. There are quick-fire  activities that mean you can have fun and practise number bonds, doubles, halves, tables, division facts and square numbers. Thanks to Miss Swinburne (Nicholas' mum) for sharing this with us. Let Mrs Beal know how you get on. Enjoy!

14th November 2017

Year 5 had an amazing day finding out more about the Ancient Greeks. Take a look at the photographs below. Don't the costumes look great?