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Thursday 3rd December

Thursday 3rd  December 2020



Please watch this video first and then try the worksheet (subtraction part 1) - Remember you can discuss the answers or write down the answer on a piece of paper.



Today, I would like you to think about what you would write in a letter to Santa and prepare your ideas for writing tomorrow.

  • How do you start a letter? (think about how we started our letter to Mr Wolf).
  • Use your phonic knowledge to sound out and spell words - D ear S a n t a
  • How will you end your letter? 


  • Practise forming your letters as you will want to impress Santa with your fantastic handwriting laugh




In our History topic this term we are learning about how homes have changed over time.

Ask your parents/ grandparents about the type of home they lived in when they were younger. Is it different from the home they live in today? How have things changed?

Can you remember the names of different types of homes? 

Over the next two days, have a go at labelling the different types of homes.