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1st June


TROLLS - this work will be for the next 2 weeks.

Please do not print the booklet just use the pages you need each day.



Read the introduction about trolls and then read The Truth About Trolls or listen to the information by clicking the link below.

Read through the words in the glossary.

Click on the 2 links at the end of the section and find out about earthquakes and volcanoes.


Today I would like you to find out what the words mean and create a glossary.

Copy the words down and find out the meaning.

Use the similar words box in the pack to help you.


Complete the adjective game to practise using adjectives.

Complete challenge 1 and challenge 2 (alliteration).

Creative challenge - draw and label a troll using your work from today.


Read the information about adverbs.

Writing task: What foods do trolls like to eat?