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AM - Spellings

This Weeks Spelling Rule: Words ending in 'able' or 'ible'


The 'able' suffix is usually used if you can still hear the original, root word.

For example in 'enjoyable' - Enjoy is a word on its own. 


The 'ible' suffix is usually used if you can't hear the original, root word. 

For example in 'incredible' - Incred is not a word on its own. 


After practising your spellings, use them to complete the FESTIVE sentences below. 


Santa is very ______________________; he never lets anyone down! 


It is _____________________ that Santa would be very tired on Boxing day! 


The elves are very _______________ workers; they always get the job done. 


For Christmas, I would like some ___________________ , snuggly slippers. 


I think it is _______________ to expect Santa to use hand sanitiser this year! 


Christmas day is always an ___________________experience.


It is ____________ that Miss Towlson will burn the turkey on Christmas Day! 


Brussel sprouts are ___________________! 


If you have been a ______________ child this year, you will only get a lump of coal in your stocking! 


Santa's team of reindeers are _______________ at flying.