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Thomas Cole


This week's artist has been chosen by Millie.  Below, you will find lots of information about him and examples of his work.  Thomas Cole specialised in landscapes, so you will also find some tips about landscape drawing/painting in general.


Your task is to produce your own creative response to Thomas Cole's work.  You could:


- use his style to create your own art work

- produce a biography or poster about the artist

- interpret his style in your own way


I would love to see photographs of your work, and will share these on our website.

How to Draw a Mountain Landscape for Beginners easy

How to draw a simple mountain landscape

LIVE 6 Ideas for Creating More Dramatic Landscapes: Painting Composition & How to Start a Painting

A MUCH more detailed demonstration about how to create amazing landscape art.

Thomas Cole: America's first environmentalist artist

A detailed exploration of one of his paintings