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To continue with our work on anime - and in preparation for doing your final Trowell self-portrait in a couple of weeks - I'd like you to follow this tutorial video to draw a side-on profile of an anime-style face.


Follow all the instructions and keep pausing the video as you go along so you can do your own, step-by-step.  At the end, you might want to change up the hairstyle a bit!


Use a pencil and make sure you press on fairly lightly so you can rub out parts that don't quite work for you.


Send me your finished ones or bring them into school to show me - I'd love to see them!

How to Draw Anime Face PROFILE SIDE VIEW | Manga Drawing Tutorial

LEARN IT HERE! Drawing an Anime face from a profile side view! made easy for beginners or newbies. Learn How to draw or How I draw manga anime face from the ...