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Pop Art - Andy Warhol


This term we will be looking at Pop Art!


Pop Art originated in North America, and is a style of art based around popular culture - things that people like.  That could be famous people, brands or characters.


This week (and next week too), I want you to explore the work of probably the most famous Pop Artists - Andy Warhol.  Below, you will find some information about his life, and also lots of examples of his work.  


What can you identify as common features of his work?




Your task is to produce your own art work in the style of Andy Warhol.  You can do this using whatever art materials you have at home.  We will stick with Andy Warhol next week too, so you'll have time to either work on one piece over a couple of weeks, or time to try out different ideas.  Perhaps you might try using photographs and filters?  Maybe paint?  Maybe printing?  It is up to you!