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Sculptures and Shadows

Today, we'll be using our tinfoil sculptures from last week to create shadow art. If you haven't made a tinfoil sculpture yet, watch the video below for instructions.

Making your Shadow Art

1. Find a piece of A4 paper. This can be white or coloured - you choose!

2. Find a light source (The Sun if it's a bright day, a lamp, the torch on a phone).

3. Find a friend or family member to help!

4. Ask your helper to hold your sculpture on the page, in front of the light so that the light casts a shadow. 
(You might need your helper to help hold the light too!)

5. Use a pen or pencil to trace around the shape of the shadow. 

6. Colour the shadow in as dark as possible. 

7. Finally, stick your sculpture in place - try using a bit of tape or blutac on the feet. 



I can't wait to see how these turn out - send photos please!