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Art in the style of Martin Bulinya


Martin Bulinya is an artist who was born in Kenya. He began drawing using charcoal and pencils as a young boy at his home. When he went to primary school his talent really blossomed and he won lots of awards!


Below are a few of his pieces and also an example of how his work has been recreated by children. He really focusses on black figures that stand out against a coloured background and uses bright colours and patterns for the clothing, as traditional Kenyans would have dressed. His work often features spears and sheilds, aswell as women in groups collecting food and water for the day. 


Can you have a go at creating a picture based on the work of Martin Bulinya? You could use coloured pencils, paints or pastels if you have them at home. Make sure that your people and their clothes really stand out - bright colours and lots of pattern. It may help to keep your background fairly plain to achieve this.