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Monochrome Paper Sculptures

Create a piece of abstract art, based on the work of American Artist, Charles McGee. He is well-known (especially in the city of Detroit) for creating bold, black and white paintings and sculptures. His artwork can be found throughout the city. Check out some of his work below:

Charles died earlier this month at the incredible age of 96! He still created artwork right up until his death. I thought it would be a great way to honour his life, by creating our own work inspired by him :) Here's how: 


1) First create wavy lines down the width of a blank page. Create a different pattern in each section. Look at the shapes and patterns that Charles McGee used. Can you use a similar style? 



2) Cut out each of the sections, along the wavy line.


3) Fold up a small flap on each end of every strip. Stick these down on a piece of card board or paper, overlapping and twisting them into an interesting composition.



Have fun and let me see how they turn out!