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Art and DT

I have added a lot of activities to our art and DT page this week.  You don't have to complete everything!


I've put lots of choices on because I know how much lots of you love art and DT and it's a long weekend with Friday being a bank holiday.  I thought you might want some things to keep you busy over the weekend! 


Have fun and send in your pictures! 

DT - can you make a conveyor belt?

DT - Can you make a conveyor belt PowerPoint (in case you can't read the picture clearly)

Home Art 1:Mark Making to Music

Have a go at showing music through art! I hope you enjoy and as always, send in your pictures.

Tracks to accompany the tutorial above

Simply press the next button on the video once you have finished your mark making for that track in order to listen to the next one.

Option 2 - Optical illusions. The first lesson for drawing in perspective. I think you'll enjoy these sessions. Let me know and send pictures!