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Art and DT

Art Illusions

On slide 5 the picture shown is in the worksheets pack for you to circle the illusions that don’t exist in real life.  How many can you find?


Worksheet 5A turn the blivet and impossible triangle into artwork.


On worksheet 5B have a go at drawing a blivet by copying the picture, then draw other objects of people around it to turn it into artwork, e.g. the blivet could be a table.


Use the picture cards showing examples of blivets. Have a go at sketching them and use them to create your own piece of tricky art.

Fancy something different?

Use the challenge card and find out about M.C. Escher.  Record on sheets 5C or 5D.

More examples and how to use maths to draw your own


DT - Build a box house

Play the role of the architect and construct a box building.

Add colour to the trees, cars and busses to bring it to life.

If you make more than one you can build your own street!


Challenge: can you build nets to create different shaped buildings, such as a church steeple?