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Egyptian Amulets

Egyptian amulets were types of jewellery or charms which offered protection to their owner - they were believed to give the owner strength, good health, riches or courage. Some people wore or carried these objects during their everyday life. Some amulets were buried with people when they died to give them protection in the afterlife! As you can see below, they came in lots of different shapes and sizes. 

Choose an activity to complete: 


1) Design and make your own amulet: This could be made from clay, plasticine, playdough or even salt dough. 


2) Follow the instructions in this video to draw your own Egyptian scarab beetle: A symbol of re-birth often buried with people to help their travel to the after life.  

How To Draw An Egyptian Scarab Beetle

Grab those markers and colored pencils! Today, we're learning how to draw an Egyptian Scarab Beetle! 🎨