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Autumn 2

All hail the Olympians!


We have been learning about the birth of the Olympic Games in Athens, in Greece. At the end of this term we took part in our very own Ancient Greek Olympics! We each competed in teams, representing our city states: Athens, Sparta, Corinth and Argos. Throughout the day we took part in lots of activities (some traditional Olympic sports, some with a silly twist!) Everyone showed excellent teamwork and determination - representing their teams with pride- but after a hard fought competition, the Argaves were victorious and were crowned with their winners wreaths! 

Science - Mechanisms

This week, we used our knowledge of pulleys, levers and gears to create 'Mouse Trap' style chain reactions. We had to be really precise and determined to make each link in the system work seamlessly! 

Science - Investigating Pulleys

This half term, we have been learning about simple mechanisms including levers, pulleys and gears. This lesson, we explored pulleys and discovered how they work. Can you remember: What force does a pulley use to help make it easier to lift heavy objects? What happens when you add more wheels to your pulley? 

Greek Gods Homework Projects

During half term, we researched our favourite Greek gods and presented our findings to the rest of the class. We found out some really interesting facts! We presented our work in lots of different ways, including PowerPoint presentations, posters and artwork. 

Autumn2 - Who let the Gods out?

This half term, we will be learning about Ancient Greece and discovering how this empire was established and expanded. We will explore what life was like for Ancient Greeks and learn about the impact that they had on life today. In English, we will be writing Greek myths and legends and learning about mythical beasts and heroic warriors! We are looking forward to learning more about Greek Gods and their unique powers.