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As it is the last day before half term, I thought we'd end the week with a challenge...NINE challenges in fact! These challenges will all involve creative thinking, resourcefulness, determination and skill. Check them out below: 





Taskmaster Rules:

  • Be respectful and safe at all times
  • If you move something put it back
  • If you make a mess, clean it up.
  • The taskmaster's decision is final - no arguments! 



  • You must appoint someone in your house as 'Taskmaster'. They will be in charge of scoring your attempts for each challenge. 
  • can send photos and videos of your attempts to me and I will act as 'Taskmaster' and score them!
  • Each task will be scored out of 5.  (1 = TERRIBLE!   5 = AWESOME!)
  • Complete as many challenges as you can and total up your final score at the end. 
  • Let me know how you do! 


Teamwork is encouraged - why not get your brothers/sisters/mums/dads involved?! 

Inspiration for the 'bed that isn't a bed' task!