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Christmas Learning

Listen to the story about the very first Christmas - when Baby Jesus was born. Have a go at some of the activities. Maybe you could act out the story with your toys? Look on the 'Music' tab to learn a very special song about the birth of Jesus. 

Talk to a grown up at home about how you celebrate Christmas at your house. Do you have any special decorations? Do you eat any special food? Have a look at this powerpoint about how Christmas is celebrated all over the world. What is the same? What is different?
We love to be creative in Reception and Christmas is the best time to get busy and make lots of crafts that can be kept as memories for every Christmas to come. Here are some ideas for Christmas crafts that you can do at home. See what junk you have at home and use it to make something wonderful!
Have a go at some of the games online. You can guide Santa's sleigh, make some patterns and help Teddy with his presents!
Children in Reception love to make dough and bake. Here are a few recipes that you can try out at home.