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Notes for writing from Zoom

This week we are going to be using one of my favourite English videos:  Alma!


Watch the video below, and then find instructions for what to do each day.  Scroll to the bottom for sheets and examples.


When we return to school on Friday, I would like you to bring your writing with you - this can either be on paper, or you can email it to me.


All being well, I will do some sample writing with you on Zoom this week!


Questions to ask yourself:


- what clues are there in the alleyway that something is not as it should be?

- what is written on the blackboard?  Why is this important?  When Alma writes her name on the blackboard, what effect does this have on the viewer?

- what role does music have in the film?  How does it affect the viewer?

- what is the atmosphere of the film?  Which parts have the biggest impact on you?  Why?

- what happens at the end?  What impact does this have on the viewer?

Overview of lessons:



Watch the movie and write first-person inner monologue for each screenshot.  What would Alma be thinking in her head at each point of the movie?



Plan ideas for words and phrases you could use in your own retelling of the story.  Think carefully about what atmosphere the story should have (ideally creepy, scary) and then choose words and images that fit with that atmosphere.  Think back to how you carefully chose language for your short story based on The Mysteries of Harris Burdick - this is the same skill.



Begin writing your retelling of the story of Alma.  Focus on building tension and suspense.  For now, focus just on the part before Alma goes into the shop.  You should try not to rush - slow and steady with plenty of description will build the sense of horror.  The best writers will foreshadow (give little hints about what might happen later on...)



Complete writing your retelling of the story of Alma.  This part will focus on what happens after she goes into the shop.  I'm really interested to see how you handle the ending and how you will finish your story!