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Concept Maps: Sharing our knowledge

This week we are going to try and make a collaborative document -That means we will all be working on it together


This is our final week of learning about the Egyptians so I would like us to create one big mind map of all the information we have learned over the past 6 weeks. This is new to me so fingers crossed it works! Just follow the step by step instructions below:


1) Login to Purple Mash and click on the 'Work' folder at the top of the page. 


2) Open the 'Class' folder and then 'Year 5'


3) Find and open the document called 'Egypt Facts'


4) When you open the document, you should see a mind map with 5 key heading. I would like you to click to add any facts you know about those headings around the outside. You will see I have already added a fact linked to the 'daily life' heading. 


5) If you click on each heading, you will see some question prompts from me to give you some ideas.



You will notice it says 'Collaboration is on' at the bottom of the screen. This means that anything you add to the document will be seen by everyone else in the class! This is great because it means you don't have to do all of the work yourself...You might just add one or 2 facts and then others can add to it. 


Lets see how many facts we can collect. It would be great to see the page FULL! Make sure you read what other people have written so that you don't repeat facts. 


You do not need to save your work when you exit. Anything you type on the screen in collaboration mode will be automatic saved for others to see.