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This week, you will be learning about your Digital Footprint.  This is the trail of information that you leave behind you when you use the internet, especially when you post things online, such as photos or comments on social media.


Watch the videos on this page to learn about what a Digital Footprint is.




Now that you know what a Digital Footprint is, you are going to investigate a database of information about people:


1.  On PurpleMash, check your reminders/2Dos and look for Applicants Database.  This is information that a local football team has compiled about people who have applied for a Football Manager Scholarship.  The team has looked up the candidates online to see what information they have posted about themselves! 


2.  Click on the icon that says Table at the top (it looks like a grid), as this makes the database easier to read. 


3. Using the database, fill out the Digital Footprint Detective sheet - this will help you to decide who deserves to be awarded the scholarship.  Some of the candidates have probably ruled themselves out by posting silly things online in the past!



When you have finished, there is also a Digital Footprints Quiz in your 2Dos.

Live My Digital for students: Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is the trail of information we leave behind us when we do anything online.

Your Digital Footprint {Elementary}