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Game Creator

This half term, I will be showing you how to use Purple Mash to create your own Maze Game. The aim of these games is to avoid 'baddies' and collect 'treasure'. 


This week, I want you to try playing some example games, made by other people. When you play each game, I would like you to evaluate them (decide what is good about them and what can be improved.) 


To play the games, follow the link and scroll down to where it says: SHOWCASE GAMES

When you've played each game, ask yourself these questions: 


- Why do yo need an instruction screen? 

- Why is the map in the top right hand corner needed? 
- What do the different colour blobs on the map represent? 

- How does the scoring work? 

- Can you lose lives? 

- What similarities/differences are there between each game? 

- Are some games too easy or too hard? Why? Does this affect how much you enjoy playing them? 

-Are there any faults (problems) with any of the games that you think need fixing? 



Perhaps you could post your thoughts about these games on the Class blog. I'd love to hear your thoughts :)