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-What are your favourite animated films and cartoons? Why are they your favourite?

-How are animations created?


Our brain holds onto an image for a fraction of a second after the image has passed. When our eyes see a series of images very quickly one after the other, because our eyes cannot cope with fast-moving images, they are tricked into thinking that the images are moving.  If the images you are seeing change in some way, you see this as animation.



Have a go at making your own flip book!


Most of the images for animations today are created using computers. You can use 2Animate on Purple Mash to create both simple and more complex animations.


Login to purple mash, find 2Animate in your 2do section.


To see the tutorial click on the green play triangle in the top right, next to the red back arrow.

Have fun experimenting!



Dance Mat Typing

Cerys has been using ‘Dance Mat Typing’ to improve her typing skills and speed.  She is absolutely loving it. Why not have a go too and see how many certificates you can get!