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Alien Databases

I've been into Space and collected some data about the aliens I met on my travels! I organised my data using a database. 


You can explore my database using the 2do I have set for you on Purple Mash. Open the 2investigate task and you will see the following screen: 


Click on the 'aliens' picture to open this document. You should then see a page full of weird and wonderful alien creatures! If you click on an image, you can see their record which contains all the information that is stored in the database about that alien:


Today, we will be learning how to use the search tool to quickly find information about the aliens. The search tool looks like this: 

When you click on this icon, you will see a screen like this: 

You can change the information that you are searching for, using the drop down arrows next to the words. For example, if I wanted to find an alien with 4 arms, I would select 'eyes = 4'


If I want to find an alien with strength that is more than 100, I could use the 'greater than' symbol in my search, like this: 


When you click OK, the computer will automatically sort all of the aliens that fit your search to the top of the page:


Use this search tool to help you find the answers to the questions on the worksheet below. 



Write a few questions of your own for a friend or family member. Can they search the database to find the correct answers? Perhaps you could post your questions on the blog and see  how many people can answer them correctly.