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Computing (OPTIONAL extra Zoom)

**You can join us for an OPTIONAL extra Zoom about Safer Internet Day at 1.30 this afternoon. Don't complete this work until AFTER the Zoom!**


Today is Safer Internet Day and the theme this year is all about exploring reliability on line - What can we trust? What should we be sceptical (cautious) of? Today we will be thinking about hidden adverts and people's motives for posting certain things online. 


Watch the video below of some content created by a fictional YouTuber. Then use Worksheet 1 to look for clues. Is this advertising or not? What clues are there in the pictures? 

Safer Internet Day 2021: All the adverts

Now look at the slides below to find out more about how people profit from the things they do online. Then have a go at the tasks on Worksheet 2.
Extra Challenge
Think you know everything there is to know about staying safe online? Take the online quiz below and put your knowledge to the test.