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Game Creator

This week's computing challenge is to create your own maze game! I've set you a to do on Purple Mash and I would like you to follow the instructions below to start creating your game.
Step 1: Open up '2diy 3d' from your To Do list. If you see this page, select 'My Game' 
Step 2: Click on the play button in the top right hand corner (next to the red arrow) to open the instructions videos. Watch the 'Making a game' video. 

Step 3: Follow the instructions to design your own game. Remember to press the play button at the end to test your game out and see if it works. 


Step 4: SAVE YOUR WORK in your own folder. You will need to come back to it next week. 


Next week we will watch the 'Customising your game' video and learn how to personalise your game.