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What is a blog?


This term, we will all be creating our own blogs about the Ancient Mayans.


But what is a blog?


Click on the link below to read an example blog that I have written about Mayan masks.  Whilst you are reading, think about:


  • what is the purpose of the blog?
  • how is the blog organised?
  • how is the blog written?
  • how do you navigate (move around) the blog?
  • how can you interact with the blog?




Task 1:


Leave a comment on the blog about Mayan Masks.  Your comment should be:

- relevant to the topic of the blog

- respectful

- contribute to the discussion and perhaps prompt further responses from others

- written clearly and concisely (and with full words and punctuation)



Task 2:


Have a look at some of the blogs below.  What features do you see that are common to the different blogs?  How are the blog posts ordered?  What does this tell you about writing your own blog?

Task 3:


Take the quiz about blogs below: