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This week our English work is going to focused on an African folk tale called 'Why Anansi has 8 Skinny Legs.


This week in our English work we are going to build up to writing a comic strip. Comic strips have lots of great illustrations, captions and importantly, speech and thought bubbles. These are often to show things that the characters are saying and thinking. 


When a writer wants to express emotion in sentence, they can get this across by using exclamation marks. The below presentation explains what exclamation marks are and includes lots of examples of how they can be used in writing.


There are also some examples of exclamation sentences. These will start with 'How' or 'What'. We are focussing this week however on the use of exclamation marks when expressing emotion. Just to clarify, you do not have to start every sentence with 'How' or 'What' in order to use an exclamation mark. 

Below is a worksheet to complete where the main focus is to write a sentence using an exclamation mark. There is also a section of text on the sheet to punctuate. This part of the text does involve speech marks which we have not learnt about yet so don't worry if you need some help from an adult to do this part. You may have seen speech marks when reading books.  Find a book at home and see if you can spot some speech marks.  Talk to adult about them and see if you can decide what they are for.


Today, you are going to read and watch the story of 'Why Anansi has 8 skinny legs'.  It is an African folk tale with a moral at the end of it.  A moral is a message that the story is trying to give us.  When you have read and watched the story, write a short sentence on what you think the moral of the story is.

Why Anansi has 8 skinny legs

Why Anansi has eight thin legs - African Folk Tales for Kids

Once you have read the story and watched the video, write a list of adjectives that describe Anansi the spider.  These adjectives can be to describe how he looks or what his character is like.


Today we are going to use the adjectives that you collected yesterday to create a character profile of Anansi the spider.  This time though you need to write in full sentences when describing Anansi, not just keywords.  You can also draw a picture of him.  Use the template below to create your profile.


Using the story plan below, write short sentences to explain what happens in the story.  You need to identify what happens in the beginning of the story, the middle and the end.  List the main characters in the story and describe the setting.  The setting is where the story takes place.  You can re-read or watch the story as many times as you need to so that you have a really good understanding of the story.


To finish off the week, you are going to re-create the story of 'Why Anansi has 8 Skinny Legs'.  This time you aren't going to write the story out but you are going to draw it out.  Your story will be re-created in the form of a comic.  Look at the slides below to see how stories are told in comics.  

Your comic strip of 'Why Anansi has 8 Skinny Legs' will have pictures that you have drawn and speech bubbles that you have added, to show what the characters are saying.


Use the comic strip template below to draw out your story.

Spelling - week beginning 25th January 2021