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Today we are learning about commas in lists.  Read through the power point then complete the worksheet below.


This week we are going to be having a go at writing some poetry.  Follow the instructions each day to build up the information that you need to write your poem, by the end of the week.
Read the poem below...

Can you find any rhyming words?  Whereabouts are they in the poem?


Have a go at the worksheet below and label the different types of shoes that could be found in the poem.




Today we are going to start thinking about collecting the ideas for our own poem.  Yesterday, we read a poem that was all about a shoe shop.  Our poems are going to be about different types of shops.  You can decide what shop you are going to write about.  When you have decided, use the following sheet to record some ideas of things that you find in the shop of your choice.  Draw some pictures and label them.


Today we are going to make some rhyming sentences.  This helps us to see how we can have rhyming sentences within poems.


Match up the rhyming words on the following sheet and then see if you can put them into silly sentences.  Sentences in poems don't always have to be sensible, they can be silly ideas too. 


This week we have collected some information for our poems and today we are going to write them.  Use the sheet below to write your own poem.  Remember to look back at the ideas you collected yesterday and put them in your poem.  Your poem can be as silly and funny as you would like it to be.  Try to include some rhyming words at the beginning and at the end.  

Spellings - week beginning 1st February 2021

Handwriting Mat