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Researching the Moon Landing


Today, I would like you to research one of mankind's greatest achievements: The first time humans landed on the moon! Next week, we will be writing a newspaper report about this event so try to gather as many facts as you can. 


We are going to try out a new website called 'Epic' where you can access lots of great books for free. If you join me on Zoom today, I will show you exactly how to log on and explore the library. 

Log in using the Class Code: edt6596 then you should see that I have assigned you a book to use for today's task: 



Use this text to find as many facts about this event as you can. Use the research worksheet below to record what you find out. 

If you are using a phone or iPad for your work, you can download the 'Epic Books for Kids' app (for free), then use the same class code to log in. This version will work better on iPads. Check with an adult how to do this.