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Please follow the links below to get access to the 5 English lessons set for this week, first lesson 'Sam's Sandwich'. You will need a pencil, your exercise book and of course your thinking caps!


In the first lesson there are 8 spellings, it is entirely up to you whether you try to learn them. You might want to give them a go or you can use the list on spelling shed. Each lesson will begin with phonics, spelling and then move on to the learning objective for the day.


For lesson 2 you will need a separate piece of paper that is big enough to fold into 6 parts.



Extra activities


Why don't you try making 'a disgusting sandwich' out of materials at home but of course do not eat it!! You could do some role play and use your imagination as to what 'disgusting' things they could be.


You might want to try making a real sandwich that you can eat, think of all the things you like to eat in a sandwich. Have fun but make sure you clean up after eating your sandwich :)