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This week we are going back to Africa to finish off this half terms work all about Africa and Kenya.

We are going to read a story all about a special Rhino called Ronald and then we are going to be thinking about how we should look after the rhinos that are left in the wild and how we can persuade others to care for them too.



Today, we are going to read all about Ronald the Rhino.  When you have read or shared the story with an adult, have a go at the reading comprehension.  You can choose which reading comprehension you do.  Make sure you answer the questions carefully and look for the answers within the story, don't guess the answers!


Yesterday we read the story of Ronald the Rhino.  At the start of the story, Ronald couldn't see how he was special but with the help of some of the other animals he was able to see what was special and individual to him.


Today, we are going to write some sentences about what makes some other animals special. On the sheets below, write some short sentences about some African animals and why they are special.  There are helpful key words on the sheets to help you.


Make sure that your sentences start with a capital letter, have finger spaces and finish with a full stop.  Try to work hard on writing your letters correctly and doing your neatest handwriting.


Last week we looked at poems and rhyming words.  Today, you are going to need to use your knowledge of rhyming words to complete some rhymes.


Read the rhymes below and add in appropriate rhyming words to finish the rhymes.

When you have filled in the rhyming words, have a go at writing your own animal rhyme.  Start by writing the first 2 lines of a simple poem, remembering those rhyming words at the end of each line. 


You can use the ideas in the example poems, perhaps focusing on what the animals look like or what they do.  You could even look back at your fact file that you made to give you inspiration as to what to write in your poem.




We are going to move on from Ronald's story today and start planning for some writing that we are going to do tomorrow.  

Tomorrow, we are going to do some persuasive writing.  Persuasive writing is when you convince the reader that your ideas are the best and they should follow what you are suggesting.  We bet that lots of you at home can be very persuasive!


Look at the following power point and learn about the features of persuasive writing.

Persuasive Writing

In persuasive writing it's often a good idea to give reasons for your ideas and way of thinking.  The word 'because' is really important in explaining why. 


Try writing a few sentences trying to persuade someone to do something or think something, using the word 'because' to explain why they should do it.


For example;  

I think you should come to my party because it will be lots of fun and we will play party games.




We should recycle our rubbish because it helps to protect the planet.


Today we are going to use what we learnt yesterday about persuasive writing and put it in to practise.


Look at the following power point on Saving the Rhinos and collect information that tells us about the rhinos and why we should protect them.

When you have read the information, create you own leaflet or poster to persuade people to protect the rhinos.  You can use pictures in your leaflet/poster.  Remember to add some text on as that is the important part.  Use the ideas in the power point to start your sentences, for example;


You must...                      In my opinion...                  It is vital that...


then explain your ideas by using words such as;


because                          unfortunately                   important


There is a leaflet template you may wish to use below, or you can be creative with your own layout if you choose. Don't forget to send us your finished pieces of work.

Spellings - week beginning 8th February 2021 - Challenge words

Spellings - Week beginning 8th February 2021 -Challenge words