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Monday 8th February 2021

Today, we will be thinking of the sounds the goats make in the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and we will also have a think about the different sounds the characters made in the story 'We're Going on Bear Hunt'. We will use this to help us to select new sounds for own story.

Tuesday 9th February 2021

Today, we will be creating our own picture story map for our new story. Use last week's story map as a guide and it will help you to create a new one for your own story. Think of the sequence of your story and the new characters that you have created. What happens at the beginning, middle and end of your story?

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Today, I want you to use the story map that you created yesterday and start to write the beginning of your story. Remember, most traditional tales and fairy tales begin with...

Once upon a time there lived.........

Use this opening line and start to write the beginning of your story. 


Remember the 3 rules:

  • Capital letter at the beginning of each sentence.
  • Finger spaces between each word.
  • Full stop at the end of each sentence. 

Thursday 11th February 2021

Today, we will be writing the middle of our story. Again, use your story map to help you sequence your story. Also, use your phonics to sound out words.

Here are some words that might be useful in your story.





Friday 12th February 2021

Today, we will be finishing our story. What happens at the end? Do the animals get across the bridge safely?

(You do not need to write on a new piece of paper each time you write the next part of the story, just continue on the same sheet until you need a new one).