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English (Zoom)

'Mae Among the Stars' is a narrative story written for young children that is based on the events of Mae Jemison's life. This week, you are going to write your own version of this story to tell the incredible tale of Mae's achievements. 


Like all good stories, our narrative will need to have a beginning, middle and end. Today we will focus on the beginning of the story - Mae's childhood. You will need to introduce the character of Mae, tell the reader what sort of child she was, what her dreams were and what difficulties she faced. 


Use the story plan below to help you structure your first chapter.
We will look at this during our Zoom lesson too and think about what features to include in our writing. 



Chapter 1: Reach for the Stars!

  • Introduce Mae as young girl
  • Lives in Chicago
  • Loves science, dance and Star Trek
  • Has big dreams, but a lack of opportunities.


We will all start our story in the following way, the rest of the chapter is up to you! 



Try to include: 

? And !