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This half term, lots of our work is going to be about 'Fire' so we are starting this week by thinking about dragons! 


You are going to be using your imagination by pretending that you have a very hungry pet dragon that needs feeding.  Because your dragon is a particularly ferocious dragon, sometimes you need some help feeding it.  Your job this week is to write some instructions to whoever is going to help you to feed your dragon.  You are going to have to be very detailed and your instructions will have to carry some warnings.


We will build these instructions up over the next few days.


Follow the link below to a short film about using bullet points.  It does say that the film is for KS2 but it is easy enough for us to understand.

When you have watched the film, create you own list using bullet points.  It can be any list you choose.  It might be a list of toys you have or books you have read.  It might be a list of your favourite food!


Don't forget to introduce your list and use a colon as described in the film.


Today you are going to write a list of the ingredients and equipment that you will need to feed your dragon.  We have written lists of ingredients in the past but this time we are going to be a lot more detailed.  We are going to use what we have learnt previously in our English work to make our instructions really interesting.


Firstly, think about what you think dragons might like to eat.  I don't think that many dragons will be eating fruit and vegetables but would more likely to be foraging around for small wild animals and lots of meat!


Instead of just writing one word for each item on your list, try to be descriptive about the item and use an expanded noun phrase to describe it.  For example:


Some tasty, crunchy insects.


A large, juicy rat.


You can make it as gruesome as you like!


When you have thought of some ingredients (maybe 5 or 6) then you need to think of equipment.  You might have to feed your dragon outside so what equipment would you need?  A large, round cooking pot maybe or a cold, fresh bucket of water in case your dragon breathes fire!


You can write these ideas on a sheet with the headings:







Yesterday we created lists of equipment and ingredients.  Today we are going to start our instructions by generating time words at the beginning of our sentences and imperative verbs to give instructions.  


Think about the order that you want to put your instruction in and make sure that you choose appropriate time words to start each instruction.


Some examples of time words are:


First          Next          Then         After that          Finally


You can use some of these more than once.  Which ones can you only use once?


On the template below, put your time words in to the boxes in the order you choose, showing the sequence of your instructions.


When you have done that you are going to write imperative verbs in each box to give an instruction.


Imperative verbs - also known as 'bossy verbs'.  Tell people what to do.

Examples of imperative verbs are:


Put          Cut          Stir          Place          Mix


If it helps, write the whole instruction that you want to give in the box.  Tomorrow we will transfer those instructions on to another sheet that displays all of our ideas.






Today we are going to bring all of our ideas together on to one sheet to create our instructions for feeding a dragon.


Use the sheet below and lay your ideas out so that your helper can follow those ideas to feed your scary dragon!


Remember to use bullet points when writing your list of equipment and ingredients.  Also, it would be a good idea to number your instructions just as they are on the planning sheet.


Use your neatest handwriting and make sure that you don't write too big as you will need to fit your instructions on the lines provided.

Spellings week beginning - 23rd February 2021