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Tuesday 23rd February 2021

This week we will be looking at the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes'. Miss Wood will be reading the story to you today on the zoom call but I have attached it below if you would like to listen to it again.


Then you are going to write a shopping list for all the ingredients that you need to make pancakes. Think back to last week when it was Pancake Tuesday, what did you need to make them? Did you put anything on them?

Mr Wolf's Pancakes, by Jan Fearnley

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Today you will be writing instructions on how to make pancakes. Again, think about what you did last week when making pancakes. What did you have to do first? Then what did you do? Think about all the steps you had to take to make them. If a friend read your instructions would they be able to make them?

Thursday 25th February 2021

Today, I want you to use adjectives to describe how the pancakes would taste and smell. Again, think back to when you had your pancakes last week or you might want to make them now and describe what you smell and taste.

Friday 26th February 2021

Today, you are going to create an advert for your delicious pancakes. Pretend that you have a pancake stall in a busy town. You want everyone that walks past your stall to buy your pancakes, so, think about all the things that you will need to include.

Your advert needs to be bright, colourful and full of adjectives.

You will also want to tell your customers how much they cost.

Have a look at the advert below and use some of these ideas to create your own.