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Front Cover and Blurb 

Design a front cover and blurb for your 'Mae Among the Stars' book.


Make sure your front cover includes the title, the name of the author (YOU!) and some great illustrations! 


Most novels and books have a blurb on their back cover that gives possible readers a very short outline of what it is about and what they can expect it to be like. Most of all, the blurb should encourage people to read the book.


- Facts about the characters

- Hint at the events that happen (but don't give away all of the story!)

- Rhetorical questions to draw the reader in.

I've included some examples of blurbs in the pictures below to give you some ideas.


You can can create your front cover and blurb on the laptop, or by hand. Then add your writing from this week to turn it into a real little book :)