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Where The Wild Things Are Audio Book

This is a beautifully illustrated, classic tale full of strange and wonderful creatures! It is going to be our inspiration for our work over the next few weeks.

For the next two weeks, we will be using the workbook below to build up to a fantastic piece of independent writing. This week we will be finding out all about a magnificent beast calle the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah! 


Download the workbook below. I will direct you to particular tasks I would like you to complete each day. You do not need the print the booklet, the work can be easily copied and completed in your Home Learning books. 


Introducing the text

Read the 'Get Exploring!' page of the book, followed by the 'Information text by Ted Splorer'

Fill in the speech bubbles with the headings:


I was really interested in...

I would like to know more about...

My top facts were...


Vocabulary work 

Complete the following sections:


-Let's explore the words!

-Examples/Non Examples

-Fill in the gaps 

-Review Learning 



Look for the heading: 'Let's think about the text a little more'


Complete questions 1 - 10, using the information text from Monday to inform your answers.


Grammar and Sentence Work

Look for the heading: 'Now for some grammar'

Today you will be practising your use of brackets and interesting sentence starters. 

Complete the activities on the next few pages. 


STOP when you get to the 'Write Away' page.


Today is a Bank Holiday - put your feet up and enjoy a relaxing day with your family!!