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Doors - The World of Possibility

Something a bit different for the next two weeks - by next Friday you will have written your own portal story, where a character travels to a different world!


Download the file above - it contains all the detailed instructions for each activity. It doesn't really need printing - all the tasks can be done just in your normal workbook.


This week we will be working through activities 1-9, exploring different ideas about doors. On Thursday, you will be inventing a character for an extended story, and preparing your own story plan.


NEXT WEEK we will be writing our portal stories, starting with Section 1 on Monday through to Section 5 on Friday. I will be writing my own portal story too!


Day Activities

Activity 1: Make a list of things you miss doing whilst you are in lockdown.


Activity 2: Write a poem using the structure given in the booklet.

**You can watch Kit Wright reading The Magic Box here:

**You can download the poem to read below this table


OPTIONAL - Activity 3: Art-based activity designing a special door.


Activity 4: Idioms (we have looked at these before at school - they are common phrases that are often used in informal speech).  Try and work out what the idioms about doors might mean.


Activity 5: The Door by Miroslav Holub. Read the poem and answer the questions. Watch the videos of the poems being performed. If you would like to, have a go at preparing your own reading of the poem. How will you do it? You can email me a video of your performance if you would like to!


Activity 6: The Snow-Walker's Son by Catherine Fisher. Read (or listen to) the extract and answer the questions.


Activity 7: Grammar/sentence activities based on the extract from Activity 6.


Activity 8:  Preparing a character for your extended portal story.


Activity 9:  Plan your extended portal story. Your story will need to be planned into 5 sections (you will write one section a day next week):

1. Main Character finds a magical portal and enters a new world

2. Describe the new world

3. Main Character explores the new world and encounters a character

4. Main Character has to escape and return through the portal

5. Main Character cannot find the portal again