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Meet the Rhi-swano-seb-tah?!

This week, we will be continuing to work through the booklets you started last week. By the end of this week you will create your own information texts about your own 'wild thing', using all of the techniques you practised last week to make your writing AMAZING! 



Find the 'Write Away!' activity.


Choose a subject to write about and use the sentence starters to create facts about your chosen subject (be silly and creative with your ideas!)


Find the 'Your Turn!' activity.


Use the ideas and sentences from the 'Rhiswanozebtah' text to write paragraphs about the Blue-headed iguana (use the picture provided and your imagination to create these facts)

The instructions on each page tell you what sort of information to include in each paragraph. 


Get creative and design your own weird and wonderful creature. You could draw this from your own imagination, or use the link below to get some inspiration!


Once you have designed your animal, use the 'Get Planning' Page to draft ideas about your animal that you can include in your writing tomorrow. 


Big Write

Over the next 2 days, you will be writing your own information text all about your crazy creature. You might want to do a draft on Thursday and a neat copy on Friday or just take your time and complete it over two days. 


In your writing I would like to see the following skills that you have been practising: 

- Technical vocabulary (from last week's vocabulary lesson)

- Brackets

- Interesting sentence starters


Look back at the 'Rhiswanozebtah' example text to give you ideas about how to structure your writing. 


Ideas for presenting your work: 

Think about the presentation features of an information text that you could include (bold titles, pictures, captions, subheadings, fact boxes). 


You could:

- Write your information text in your book.

- Type it on word (This way you can play around with fonts, add pictures and also save and send it to me!)

- Get creative and film a wildlife documentary using your writing as a script!

- Watch this video about how to create a mini-book for your work:


I can't wait to see your finished work. Be creative, have fun and please do send me photos of your final piece of writing - I love seeing what you've been up to :D