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Story writing time!


Last week you will have planned your extended story, and this week you will be writing it. A guide for what to include in each chapter is below:


Day Chapter Details
Monday The main character finds a magical portal and enters a new world.
Tuesday Describe the new world.
Wednesday Main character explores the new world and encounters a problem.
Thursday Main character has to escape and return through the portal.
Friday Back in the real world, the main character cannot find the portal again (perhaps they have brought something back with them to prove it was real).


This is just a guide - feel free to tweak the main structure to make it work for YOUR story.


You can write a good story by:

  • describing settings in detail using interesting adjectives, figurative language and senses
  • build tension and suspense, including by using cliffhangers
  • making your main character interesting for the reader - you want the reader to care about them
  • using a minimal amount of speech, and if you do use it, use it to keep the story moving or show the reader more about a character
  • SHOW the reader, don't tell them


I have written my own story, and I will post one chapter each day as a bit of inspiration (hopefully). You will see that I haven't stuck exactly to the structure above, but tweaked it so it worked for what I wanted to write.  You will find it below.


You can either send me your chapters daily, or in one chunk on Friday - it is up to you!

Scott Of His Aunt's Attic by Poppy PP's Dad!