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We are going to continue to look at the story 'Stuck' by Oliver Jeffers. Over the next two days (Monday and Tuesday), I want you to think about some of things Floyd 'flung' into the tree and why he might have picked them, where did he get them and how did he lift them? I have given an example in the PowerPoint of why I think he picked an orangutan to throw into the tree (using my imagination and adding some detail). I would like you to pick one item, it might be the curious whale or BIG boat and write a few short sentences just like I have. Remember all you need to do is write your sentences in your exercise book. I have attached an example of a comic strip that you might like to use to sequence your sentences, first, then, last - add pictures to help you remember what is happening at each part.

Over the next three days, I want you to pretend you are one of the firemen that got stuck in the tree. How were you feeling when you were in the tree? What bright idea did you have? Did everyone eventually get down from the tree and how?

On Wednesday jot down ideas and plan your diary entry and then on Thursday and Friday using your best handwriting, write your diary entry. Please share some photos so we can see what wonderful ideas you come up with. 


Starting and finishing letters in the correct way will help your child to form their letters correctly. Lots of practise is needed, here are some practical ideas on how to get those letters in the correct direction:

  • Tracing letters in shaving foam, sand, mud, glitter, paint
  • Using a light coloured felt tip and get your child to trace over and guide them where to start and finish.
  • Follow the PowerPoint below to support your child with starting and finishing points.