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The City of Silence


This week we are going to use another one of the brilliant packs that I found online.  You'll be doing LOTS of creative thinking, and putting this into poetry and descriptive writing.  This is a great chance to experiment with words.


You'll need to download the booklet above, but it won't need printing off.


Some of the days might look like they have lots of tasks, but some of the tasks are quite short and some are optional (you don't have to do them, but you might like to).



Activity 1:

Make a list of different places.  Aim for generic places (waterfall) and not specific places (Manchester).


Activity 2:

Make a list of abstract nouns.  Make sure you read the guidance in the pack.  Abstract nouns are "things" that exist, but you can't touch or see them (eg love, darkness, doom, friendship).  Take care not to have adjectives (eg happy, lovely).


Activity 3 and 4:

Make combinations of places and abstract nouns to create interesting sounding places.  For example, The River of Destiny, The Mountain of Sadness, The Village of Eternity.  Activity 4 asks you to try some alliterative examples (eg The Cave of Curiosity). These activities will be used lots in the other lessons, so spend plenty of time coming up with great ideas. You can share your best ones on the blog.



Activity 5 and 6:

Chat about your ideas and the example ideas with someone in your family. Which ones do you like best?  Why?


Activity 7

Write a list poem using some of your best ideas from yesterday.


Activity 8

Read Pie Corbett's poem 'The Cave of Curiosity' and answer questions below.  How does it compare with the poem you wrote in Activity 7?  


Activity 9

Follow the instructions from sections a, b and c to extend some of your ideas from Monday (Activity 3/4).  Some of these sentences can be used in the next two days.


Activity 10

Have a go at using juxtaposition to create some new places.  Juxtaposition means putting two things next to each other that don't normally go (a paradox).


Activity 11

Write a repeating poem using the places you created on Monday (Activity 3/4) and extended yesterday (Activity 9 and 10).


Activity 12

Write a descriptive paragraph about one of the places you created on Monday (Activity 3/4).  Try to create atmosphere.  Use ideas from all the activities you have done this week.



Activity 13

Turn one of your ideas into a piece of art!

Activity 14

Have a go at performing one of your poems. Record it and send it to me if you would like to!