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As this is the last full week of home learning for most of you, I want to try something different!


This week, you are going to be undertaking the RANDOM WRITING CHALLENGE!


Each day, I'd like you to randomly select a number between 1 and 80 (there is a random number generator below).  When you have your random number, check the Story Starters list to see what story starter you will be using.  You'll use a different story starter each day.  You are allowed to randomly select a number 3 times, and then choose which one you like best, or if you're really brave you will just go with whatever you get first time!


BUT WAIT - there's more!  To make this MORE challenging, each day you will have a word limit, starting from just 100 words (you will very quickly discover that this is a lot less than it seems at first).  You should not aim to write the exact number of words stated, just close to it.  A good rule is to be within 20% of the word limit, either above or below - for example, this would mean if the word limit was 200, you should write between 160 and 240 words.


Don't forget to share your writing with me - you could share what story starter you have got on our blog.


Don't worry about writing a full story - just use the story starter to write part of a story.


Day Word limit
Monday 100
Tuesday 150
Wednesday 200
Thursday 300
Friday 400