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This week we will be doing some work around the story 'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson. Please watch the YouTube video of the story being read aloud first, or if you have it at home get someone to read it with you, then complete the suggested activities below.


Monday 1st June

Listen to the story and discuss with someone at home what the moral of the story is? What is the lesson that can be learnt from this story?

Can you write it in a simple sentence?


The moral of the story is....



Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

(Talking and listening)

Today have some fun and do some role play.

Can you retell the story? Why not tell the story to someone at home!

*Extra*You might want to make your own play script so you know what each characters say or just rewatch the video clip.

You might also want to make your own face masks or finger puppets for the main characters in the story. I have attached some for you.

Enjoy retelling the story!

Thursday 4th and Friday 5th June 2020

Over the next two days I want you to sequence sentences to form your own short story. You might want to take some ideas from 'Sharing a Shell' and perhaps change the characters. You might have a seahorse, starfish and a made up animal that lives in a shell (it's up to you to be as creative as you like) who doesn't want to share its shell with the other two. What happens in your story? Will your character realise it is always important to be kind and share with others because some day you might need their help? I look forward to reading your stories.


  • Capital letter, finger space and full stop in each sentence.
  • Try to use some adjectives to describe your characters.
  •  Be creative and use your imagination.
  • Most of all have fun creating your own story!


I have attached a writing frame template, this might give you an idea on how to plan your story and then it will support you when writing your story. 

(Remember you can complete all activities in the exercise book, no sheets need to be printed!)