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Magical Wish Stories


This week's English lessons begin by me asking you to watch TV! Over the next 2 weeks, we will be exploring magical wish stories before we have a go at writing our own. So what better way to kick off this unit of work than with my ALL TIME FAVOURITE TV show - The Queen's Nose. (I LOVED this show when I was your age!)


In the Queen's Nose, Harmony's Uncle Ginger sends her on a treasure trail - which ends in finding a 50p piece. But this is no ordinary coin - in fact, when you rub the queen's nose, your wishes will be answered.


My favourite thing about this show is that there was always a twist and the wishes never quite worked out the way Harmony the episode below to see what I mean!

The Queen's Nose, series 1, episode 2

Below, you will find your activity for each day of the week, each one relating to wishes. You should not need to print these out. Please complete the tasks in your workbook. 

Extra Challenge: 

If you want to, you could write or type up a neat copy of your Mirror of Wishes and Mirror of Despair poems from Tuesday's lesson. Think about how you could decorate or illustrate each one to reflect the different mood of each poem.