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*If your child is coming into school this week on Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday, the first two lessons will be covered in school so you do not need to do them at home.*


This week we are going to try and use more adjectives in our writing. An adjective is a describing word.

So, the first two lessons we are going to think about summer and by the end of lesson 2 we will write a Summer Sense Poem.

Lesson 1

If you have your work from Science last week it will be helpful but if not, I would like you to write down or draw pictures and label all the things you think of when you hear the word summer (beach, sea, sand, BBQ, playing, ice lollies, sun, hot, sandcastles etc).

Then, if you have some starbursts or a sweet of your choice, I would like you to write down as many adjectives as you can to describe what you are tasting, smelling, hearing while eating your sweet (sweet, juicy, tasty, sour, refreshing) and this should help get your thinking caps on to describe other words you associate with summer. See the word document below for some useful adjectives.

Lesson 2

Using all of your work from yesterday, we are now going to write a Summer Sense Poem - this means we will be using our five senses to describe summer. See PowerPoint below.

Lesson 3

Today I would like you to describe 'A day at the beach', remember use your wonderful imagination, it can be fiction or if you would like to write about a time you went to the beach then you can, it is up to you! Think of all the adjectives you have already used this week, can you use some of them to describe your wonderful day at the beach? Who did you go to the beach with? What did you do when you got there? Did you get into the water? Did you build sandcastles? Did you have a picnic? 


Lesson 4 & 5

See the PowerPoint below.