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Magical Wish Stories (continued)

We will start this week by looking at a different story that involves magical wishes. In this Greek myth, King Midas wishes that everything he touches would turn to gold. But as with any wish story, things don't go exactly as he planned! Watch the story below. 

King Midas and his Golden Touch


Writing speech - write a short conversation between the two characters: King Midas and Dionysus. Follow these instructions: 


Re-read the 'One Chance' story from last week to remind yourself of the events from the story. Then use the story planner sheets below to plan your own story ideas. Think about other wish stories you have read before for inspiration. 

Writing your Story

For the rest of this week, you will be writing your own magical wish story using your plan from yesterday to help you. Remember your story should include a magical object, a wish, a downside to that wish and an attempt to solve the problem. You can write your story in your home learning book or type it up on the computer. 



Write box 1 and 2 of your plan: Introduce the characters and setting. The magic object arrives.



Write box 4 and 5 of your plan:  One character makes a wish. Something bad happens and the wish goes wrong. 



Write box 5 of your plan: The characters try to put things right. Your story might have a happy ending where all of the problems are resolved OR it could end on a bit of a cliffhanger like in the 'One Chance'story.


In your writing I would like to see the following things: 




Happy Writing! And please do send me your final version of your stories. I love to read your work and see what you have been up to.