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Use your Spelling Shed login to check every week for new spellings.  Ask some one at home to test you!
Try some creative writing. Visit the Pobble 365 website for a daily picture and do some writing about the picture.  Can you write a story? Can you you compose a poem?  Does a picture inspire you to do some non-fiction research? Put yourself in the picture, how does it feel?

Writing objectives for Year 2


Never underestimate the power of reading and discussing books, whether it be a school reading book, a library book or a book from home.


Keep up with your 4 reads!  Choose books from home and see if you can answer the guided reading questions.  You might want to write a book review.

Choose 3 of the following questions/sentences for each book.


1. What was your favourite part? Why?

2. Who was your favourite character and why?

3. If you could change the ending, what would happen?

4. If you could change the title, what would you call it?

5. Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story.

6. If it is a non fiction book, write 5 facts that you have learnt from the book.

7. If it is a poetry book, what was your favourite part and why?



Reading Questions

Reading Comprehension


Below are lots of Reading comprehensions for you to have a go at.  There are 3 versions of each text and 3 sets of accompanying questions; an easy, a medium and a harder set. Set yourself a challenge and see which questions you can answer.  Remember some of the questions mean that you need to 'read between the lines'.